Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

Stop underarm sweating from destroying your life!

If you want to stop sweating armpits to take, you have to be informed on ways to combat this problem. There are over 8 million other people in the world who struggle with the same problem, so I don’t feel out of place, you’re not alone in your relationships with this embarrassment almost daily. So how does he deal with it? Well, I’m sure you’ve already tried the antiperspirant route, so that aside, here are some other methods of treatment.

1. coffee and sugar

These are two ingredients almost guaranteed that make you sweat. You see, coffee contains caffeine which is a stimulant that increases anxiety, In combination with sugar that, in excess, does the same thing, you are giving your sweat glands that extra nudge in the wrong direction. If you’re a regular coffee drinker, cut down on this habit alone can have you less sweating every day.

2. Alcohol

Many people drink socially, but some of us drink a little more than we should. When ingested, Alcohol dilates our blood vessels and with that comes the expansion increased body temperature. With an increase in body temperature is definitely going to be more prone to sweating, then cut the alcohol.

3. spicy foods

Eat spicy foods is yet another way to stimulate sweating. When you eat something spicy end to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system that is responsible for reporting your glands to perspire. When this happens, you guessed it, you sweat more, so keep the spicy foods to a minimum.

All the above are great tips that will help you stop sweating armpits to get the better of you, however if you have a serious case of excessive sweating, you may need something with a little more kick.

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